KGS uses Gems My Learning which was called GLG ( Gems Learning Gateway) earlier, as an online Education portal. It’s not a fully blown LMS, so students can’t take quizzes/tests, submit assignments or interact. ¬† My learning serves 3 Major Purposes You can download files uploaded by teachers like holiday homework, resource files and curriculum …

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Ecommerce in Middle East is gradually taking off and there are many new entrants in an arena that used to be dominated by only. However most of them miss the singular factor that online shoppers look for most – customer service . I have had the experience of shopping with a few major online …

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This information is very old and obsolete. Gems uses a different Portal now and all the links on this article are either non functional or will be non fucntional soon. Click here to access the new post detailin the use of new portal If you are confused on how to check the circulars and notifications …

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Each taste bud is capable of sensing all kinds of tastes, but why do I keep seeing texts and illustrations showing different regions of tongue for different tastes ?

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It’s a shame that the regions largest online marketplace offers such a bad customer service.

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